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Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge

Soak up the Alaskan wilderness at this intimate, timber framed lodge on Ishmailof Island adjoining Kachemak Bay State Park, part of the Kenai Peninsula Mountain Range. Enjoy three gourmet meals a day, and highly personal attention with majestic scenery, miles of beaches, and secluded salt water coves right out the front door.

The hosts of this secluded getaway are two sourdough Alaskans, Kevin and Lucinda Sidelinger. Kevin, who built the lodge using timbers from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, created a building that compliments the environment.

The Douglas fir, timber-framed bedrooms offer plenty of space as well as large windows and panoramic views of the bay, mountains, and beaches, along with private baths and an undeniably Alaskan flavor. Or indulge your senses watching for whales, porpoises, sea otters, and seals from the decks that surround the lodge.

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Overall Rating: ★★★★★ (5)

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Trust Earned Travel

  • We are a "Trust Earned Travel" seal holder. As such, we have agreed to provide the highest professional, ethical and courteous
  • quality services to the traveling public.

It's a Green Green World

  • We are current members of "It's a Green Green World."

The International EcoTourism Society

  • We are current members of "T.I.E.S." In addition to our membership, we have donated a weekend vacation package to their 2008
  • Gala and Fundraiser held in Washington D.C.

Energy Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - We chose to build one building rather than a main Lodge building with a number of cabins, thus reducing our footprint substantially, as well as the energy needed to heat the facility. The Lodge was not only designed to take advantage of our panoramic view, but also the passive solar gain from our long days in the Alaskan summer. All our appliances are modern and were chosen for their energy efficiency. We have included in each guest room our standard of living and the efforts we make to curb energy usage.

To be honest we do not have automatic lighting, but due to the seasonal nature of our business and our location, the long daylight hours do not require much lighting. All of our light bulbs are 60 watt or less. Other areas where we make special efforts to minimize energy consumption include automatic thermostats for heating (our heaters are set to 50 degrees at night, and in the daytime they are set at 65), automatic thermostats for water, unused rooms are not heated, and even some rooms that are used are not heated. We minimize our dependence on heating oil by burning scrap lumber and blown down trees. We have only one economy car per family and use public transportation 9 months of the year. Our annual vehicle mileage is approximately 2500 miles.

Water Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - In the design of The Ridgewood, we took into consideration a number of factors primarily dictated by the lay of the land, the trees, and surrounding vegetation. It was our desire to provide for our guests accommodations that were comfortable and pleasing to the senses, but would also provide them with easy access to their physical surroundings. The decks surrounding the Lodge provide an overlook of the marine wildlife within the setting of the Kenai Peninsula Mountain Range, miles of beaches, salt water estuaries, and the Harding Ice Field. We chose to build one building rather than a main Lodge building with a number of cabins, thus reducing our footprint substantially, as well as the energy needed to heat the facility. The Lodge was not only designed to take advantage of our panoramic view, but also the passive solar gain from our long days in the Alaskan summer. Our facility was designed and planned carefully. For example our washing machine is a front loader which uses a fraction of the water that a top loader does, and as a note, new sales in California mandate this style of washer. Our toilets are all low water flush, and conserve additional water.

Disposal Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - The biggest challenge facing a wilderness eco lodge is how to deal with all of the water borne waste, before it is discharged into the environment, in an ecologically friendly way. Your health and safety is important to us, and with this in mind, our Bio-Cycle system was designed by career professionals, experts in their field of interest and was approved by The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. Developed in 1982 in Australia our system is a compact, aerated waste water treatment system. These systems are in use in Alaska, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and elsewhere. This system biologically treats all waste water from the Lodge on site in a six chamber fully contained system. A clean, clear filtered and odorless effluent is discharged into the drain field, and is easily assimilated into the earth. No porta-potties which amount to human waste being stored in your room, no environ-toilets which are noisy and consume a lot of electricity or home made septic systems.

All of our guest rooms have a copy of our environmental philosophy. A written disposal constitution has been drafted and will be followed by staff and management. We always choose items that are biodegradable and recyclable. For example, you may have heard of Melaleuca: The Wellness Company, with whom we are currently members. All of our cleaning products and personal care products are purchased from them. All their products and packaging are environmentally friendly. Some examples of second and third use of plastic containers would be the use of our empty laundry dergent containers for bail buckets in our boats, empty yogurt containers are re-used numerous times for preservatives such as jellies and jams, other used plastic containers for nuts, bolts and screws, ziplock bags are washed, dried and re-used until they are no longer servicable. All surplus paper (where possible) is used for notepaper. Our policy is to reuse a second and third time before recycling.

We do have a garden and all kitchen waste are added to our garden for composting. We do not use plastic or paper dinnerware, cups, or serving utensils, only glass and ceramic which can be washed and reused. We only buy in bulk to avoid excess packaging.

Eco-Active Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - At Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge, we inform guests of our eco-philosophy, as well as how they can help us maintain a low footprint in this Wilderness area. We also offer complimentary Eco-Tours guided by life-long, resident Alaskans.

In addition to our personal involvement with our guests, Alaska's Ridgewood Wilderness Lodge is actively involved with "It's a Green Green World", and "The International EcoTourism Society".

Protection Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Our philosophy began to form 32 years ago when we met, working at a Wilderness Lodge in the Kachemak Bay Area. Although, unaware to them, the owners of this Lodge were defining what an Eco-Lodge in Alaska would be, even before there was a name for it. Through their leadership, by example, and our own internal desires and compatibility with their philosophy, our views and convictions about how to relate to our environment were being formed and nurtured. We have lived off the road-system since 1975. Our philosophy is a part of our everyday lives. We sustain ourselves and our lifestyle because this is what we are, not a position we take for the tourist season, but something we live daily. We don’t feel like we have made it, for there is always room for improvement, but rather we should press forward our position as to how we relate to the eco-system around us.

Our philosophy also extends to our oyster farm. With the cooperation of the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation and other local oyster farmers, together we sponsor an annual program designed to certify and guarantee the quality of the water. This is accomplished by taking water samples and tissue samples of wild mollusks five times annually. Our oysters are also tested weekly from May 1st through October, and monthly from November 1st through April. These farms are considered in the environmental community as “the canary in the coal mine”. In summary these oyster farms are a valuable addition to the local eco system.

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