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Albabenshal Heritage Lodge  Hot
Hotels 3 Green Stars
Eco Stars: 3 star
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Location: Africa
Country: Egypt

Albabenshal Heritage Lodge

Albabenshal Heritage Lodge sits amidst the spectacular jagged ruins of Old Shali, a 13th century citadel in the center of downtown Siwa. The construction of the village ecolodge began with ancient, dilapidated Siwan homes that were renovated using traditional kershef, a mixture of sun-dried salt, mud and sand. Modeled after the design of the original structures that filled the fortress, the ecolodge maintains the cultural aesthetic of the past while also providing contemporary amenities.

Albabenshal currently offers 11 guest rooms on three levels, connected through a network of alleyways and terraces that look over central Shali and the palm groves beyond. Inside, guest rooms are furnished and decorated in authentic Siwan style, with colorful Bedouin carpets, palm frond chairs, tables and beds, and linens of fine Egyptian cotton embroidered by women of the oasis (Siwa Creations). On the main terrace, the Albabenshal Restaurant serves a diverse offering of Siwan dishes.

Albabenshal provides guests with a unique glimpse into ancient Siwa, when the walls of this fortress once held back attacking tribes and armies. More than resurrecting history, its construction has helped revive the dying craft of kershef, and its continued success generates a range of needed employment opportunities for the local community.

Green Star Rating Results:
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Overall Rating: ★★★ (3)

Energy Rating: ★★★ (3)
Staff Comment - Albabenshal Heritage Lodge is made of ‘kershef’ an ancient mixture of mud, salt and sand that is very common to the region. This building material keeps the rooms at a comfortable temperature during night and day, ruling out the use of air-conditioning/heating units.

Water Rating: ★★ (2)
Staff Comment - none

Disposal Rating: ★★★ (3)
Staff Comment - none

Eco-Active Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - Albabenshal has made strong efforts in educating the staff and guests on the eco-friendly aspects of the hotel. All the food served at the lodge is grown at our local organic farms and very little is imported into the community.

Protection Rating: ★★★ (3)
Staff Comment - Our organic farms and local workshops maintain the cultural integrity of Albabenshal. All of our staff are from Siwa and the success of Albabenshal generates a range of needed employment opportunities for the local community.

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Albabenshal Heritage Lodge
Main Gate to Shali Fortress,
Main Square,
Siwa, Egypt
+202 2738 13 28
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