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Location: South America
Country: Peru

Amazon Yarapa River Lodge

The Amazon Yarapa River Lodge is located in the rainforest of Peru along the banks of the Yarapa River, a pristine tributary of the Amazon. They are fully furnished with private rooms, private and shared bathrooms, cooking and dining facilities, multilingual nature guides, and an outstanding nature reserve.

They also represent a model for rainforest education. Cornell University has partnered with them to build an active field laboratory adjacent to the main lodge, giving a unique opportunity for students and professors to study at the source of this diverse ecosystem.

They are a full-fledged green operation. They use earth-friendly resources, including solar power, composting systems and flush toilets with a waste management system. They have used only local materials and local labor to build the lodge, and continue to nurture a very close relationship with the nearby villages; helping them with medical and transport concerns and also employing local villagers throughout our lodge.

Green Star Rating Results:
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Overall Rating: ★★★★★ (5)

Energy Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - We constantly monitor energy usage and only turn on lights that are necessary. Our staff is fully aware of this. We use only low energy consumption light fixtures throughout the lodge. Our guests are educated upon arrival to our lodge. We have a solar power station that currently provides 95% of our electrical needs.

Water Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - Drinking water is a vital resource in the Amazon area. All of our drinking water for our guests and staff is brought in from a bottling source. We have large drinking water fountains that are refilled on a regular basis. River Water is used for the rest of our needs. Sheets and towels are re-used without washing on a daily basis. When a wash takes place, we use only non-toxic soaps to provide the cleaning and drying is done by air-drying on a clothes line (to reduce energy consumption).
We have a waste management system employing flush toilets with an underground septic system that remains above the waterline so it does not drain into the river. All of the plants surrounding the lodge are native and watered by rain only.

Disposal Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - Any cans or bottles from beverages are brought back to Iquitos (the nearest city) and recycled. Our lodge was built with local traditional ways (minimal machinery) and using local products only. There is wood and plants materials only with a thatch roof. We compost all of our waste nearby and also utilize the local village for fresh fish and garden food. Our guests are often very impressed with how much we re-use and recycle.

Eco-Active Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - From the moment our guests arrive, our staff takes pride in showcasing the area in a context of leaving a minimal impact. We offer dugout canoe rides, hikes, medicinal plant lessons, shaman ceremonies, night sky watches, bird watching (all little to no impact). We are recently partnered with ACOBIA (manatee rescue and rehab program) where our guests can actively participate in research and rehabilitation of these large mammals). Our guest testimonials attest to the fact that we are always looking for ways to entertain and educate our guests in an enjoyable manner.

Protection Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - We have created and maintain the Yarapa River Rainforest Reserve. This encompasses 10 square miles of pure, undeveloped rainforest that surrounds the Amazon Yarapa River Lodge. INRENA (The Peruvian National Parks Division) has formerly recognized our dedication to the area and participates in patrolling the area to maintain it. We schedule regular meetings at our lodge with local villagers, Peruvian govermnemtn officials, and university professors (from Peru and abroad) to assess the progress of the reserve and ensure that the locals are benefitting as well.

We are locally owned, managed, and staffed. Our staff eats the same food as our guests and sleeps in the same arrangements as our guests. We have and continue to help local villagers with medical issues and transportation issues as they arise. Our local tribal neighbours have hunted/fished/gathered for years. We seek to preserve this and encourage (being very sensitive) the use of traditional weapons (bow versus shotgun/ spear versus fishing net).

Contact Details

Amazon Yarapa River Lodge
Business Office: 124 La Marina, Iquitos, Peru
Location: Along the banks of the Yarapa River in the Peruvian Rainforest
US Phone: 315-952-6771
Peru Phone: 011-5165-99301172
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