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Chalalan  Hot
Hotels 5 Green Stars
Eco Stars: 5 star
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Location: South America
Country: Bolivia


CHALALÁN is the story of a dream come true; a dream that was born in the Bolivian Amazon, in our community - San José de Uchupiamonas.
The Ecolodge was designed to blend-in with its environment using old building techniques and environmentally-friendly local materials. Every attention was paid to the little details so that any adventure would be as comfortable as possible, making it a place for you to relax and enjoy the warm breeze, the sounds of nature and the delicious home cooking.

Located in one of the richest protected areas of the planet known by scientists as a "Biodiversity Hotspot", this tropical Andean hotspot has the highest biodiversity of plants endemic to the planet and is host to some 45,000 different plant species and over 1,000 tropical bird species whose songs will wake you up in the morning.

Green Star Rating Results:
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Overall Rating: ★★★★★ (5)

Special Achievement:
Highly Commended Best In a Park or Protected Area
Virgin Holidays Responsible Tourism Awards (November 2007)

Energy Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Nestled inside protected Area - Madidi National Park, Chalalán was crafted with ecotuirist in mind, respecting the natural surrondings using local matirial and solar energy power.

Water Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - Caring for the environment around Chalalán has been one of our greatest concerns, so we have implemented a liquid waste treatment system (for bathrooms, kitchen and showers) which combines the effect of the sun and biological processes to guarantee a minimum impact on the surrounding environment and is certified by the Bolivian Ministry of Sustainable Development and the Environment’s environmental manifesto.

Disposal Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - Solid waste is separated with organic waste going to a compost heap and inorganic waste being collected by the Rurrenabaque municipal refuse collection service.

Eco-Active Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Chalalán has positively contributed to the conservation of biodiversity in the area by utilizing local, renewable resources and traditional styles in the construction of our facility and by preserving and protecting the area through environmental education and responsible tourism. The design and distribution of the different rooms making up our Ecolodge were planned down to the very last detail, taking advantage of our knowledge of what the jungle provides. The walls are made from the Copa Palm (Iriartea Deltoidea) and covered with matting; the roofs are woven with asaí palm leaves (Geonoma Deversa) and the floors made of fine hardwood. We provide environmental education to local and international communities that stresses the importance of preserving our natural heritage. By doing this, we are securing the future of the forests and our indigenous communities.

Protection Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Chalalán generates direct economic benefit for the community during the tourist season by offering 37 direct employment opportunities with the lodge and 60 positions for families within the community. Because of the income generate by Chalalán, we have been able to improve the education of our children including hiring a professor. Access to better health care, cleaner water and many other basic needs of the community have also improved.One of the most important considerations taken into account to reduce the negative social and cultural impacts of tourism in our community was to build Chalalán Ecolodge 30 km away from the community of San José de Uchupiamonas. In doing this we are able to maintain total community involvement while not directly impacting the cultural and social traditions of the population. We also created an official code of conduct regarding interaction between the community and tourists. For example, visitors are not allowed to give gifts to the community of money, clothing or other items. The local guides and community authorities are responsible for enforcing these rules.

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