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Conservation park Tui Nature Reserve  Hot
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Location: Oceania
Country: New Zealand

Conservation park Tui Nature Reserve

Your stay at the remote Conservation park Tui Nature Reserve starts with a boat trip through the amazing bays, coves and waterways of the Marlborough Sounds. Enjoy the rocky shores with the Shag colonies and other magnificent wildlife. Includes a trip with a 4WD people carrier up a winding track over the hill to Tui Nature Reserve which is located on a plateau forest, 180 meter above sealevel, imagine the views!

Eco-accommodation is cosy, comfortable and all have stunning views. They only have a total of eleven beds so your stay will be very special and you can enjoy the walking tracks and beaches by yourself. Kayaks are available for exploring the beautiful isolated bay.

They will greet you with a very warm welcome and your support helps to keep they conservation efforts going.

Green Star Rating Results:
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Overall Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Special Achievements:
- Ranked by BBC Wildlife Magazine as 8th in the top 10 Eco-destinations in the World - BBC Wildlife December 2007)
- 'Habitat Enhancement Award' and the 'Supreme Award' from the Marlborough Environment Awards.

Energy Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - The eco-cabins run on solar power only. Lighting and charger is run on 12 Volt only, other appliances run on gas. The cottage has power in the evening hours only and runs on average for 75% on solar and 25% on generator power.

Water Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - As we are located on top of a hill water is limited. We collect rain water as much as we can in holding tanks however during the summer months we can back this up by collecting water from a creek nearly at sea level, this water is pumped up when we need it. There are written instructions to limit the use of water as much as possible, guest re-use linen and often do small hand washes instead of using the machine. We only use plantbased laundry liquid, wash water can therefor be used to water the garden.

Disposal Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - There is a written plan in place for recycling with instructions where to dispose it. A recycle station is build for collecting and a compost container is available to collect kitchen waste. Compost is used in the garden. We buy as much as we can from bins and even bring our own plastic bags to fill. Grocery crates are used to do our monthly shopping.

Eco-Active Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Our biggest effort here go into our conservation programme. For over 10 years we have been running a regular conservation programme to protect the bush and its native habitants from introduced pests. This year we have been awarded the Marlborough Environment Award, here is the conclusion of the judges: The judges regard what this family is doing as a useful catalyst for inspiring others, especially those who think the whole environmental crisis reported by the media and others is too big a task for one family to have any impact on. They are living out their principals. This is not just a weekend hobby, but total immersion. This is an outstanding example of a contribution to indigenous conservation.

Protection Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - We have eco-boat tours available for guest to be part of. We are actively involved in preserving the area and keeping the beach clean. Guided conservation bush tours are available including a look at our breeding programme of native lizards and Kakariki (native parrot). We use as much businesses and suppliers and if possible plantbased products. There is a volunteer programme in place for young people to experience the remote lifestyle and get involved with the conservation programme.

Contact Details

Conservation park Tui Nature Reserve
Office Address:
Private Bag 65023
New Zealand

Physical Address:
Waitata Reach
Outer Pelorus
Marlborough Sounds
New Zealand
+ (0)27 448 3447 or 0800-107077 (free NZ only)

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