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Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort  Hot
Hotels 5 Green Stars
Eco Stars: 5 star
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Location: Central America
Country: Belize

Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort

Experience reefs, rainforests & romance in a casually elegant boutique eco adventure & dive resort. Hamanasi is located on the beach in Southern Belize nestled between the Mayan Mountains and Barrier Reef. The hotel is set in 25 acres of rare coastal forest teaming with birds, flora and orchids. Here you can unwind in private treehouses, luxurious honeymoon suites and spacious beachfront rooms. All rooms boast hand-crafted Belizean hardwood furnishings, ceiling fans, private porches and colorfully tiled bathrooms.

On property you can enjoy excellent, friendly service, lush gardens and a freshwater swimming pool. Hamanasi’s restaurant serves fresh Belize and Caribbean meals with dining in the Great House or al fresco.

40% of Belize is a national park or reserve. Hamanasi promotes responsible, sustainable nature and cultural based eco-tourism. Dive & snorkel the world’s second largest barrier reef and 3 atolls with the PADI 5-star Marine Facility. Seasonally, you can dive with whale sharks, the largest fish of the sea. Mysterious rainforests, hidden caves, the world’s only Jaguar Preserve and ancient Mayan pyramids are all waiting to be explored. They have extensive birding opportunities on property, on islands and in the jungle. Stroll to nearby Hopkins, the most traditional Garifuna village in Belize, and enjoy African drumbeats and rhythmic dancing.

Green Star Rating Results:
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Green Globe certified (the first beachfront property in Belize)

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Special Achievements:
Belize Hotel of the Year – Belize Tourism Board 2009
#1 Eco-friendly Hotel – TripAdvisor 2009
2009 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards:
Best Hidden Gems, Central/South America
Best Bargains, Central/South America
Best for Romance, Central/South America

Energy Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - Hamanasi has reduced its energy consumption by switching 90% of its light bulbs to compact florescent bulbs and installing motion detectors. Buildings are designed to maximize natural lighting and air circulation with predominately natural lighting used during the day. Ceiling fans are installed throughout the resort to minimize use of air conditioning. Lights and equipment are switch off when not in use.
By October 2009, all boats engines will be converted to energy efficient four-stroke engines. The resort has purchased fuel efficient vehicles. When kitchen equipment needs to be replaced energy efficient models are chosen. We use energy efficient washer and dryers and line dry as much as possible. Towels and linens are washed every 3 days or upon request.
Guests are encouraged to minimize energy usage. Signs are posted in all guest rooms and guest booklets outline information. Staff receive ongoing education on our energy reduction strategies. Utilities usage is regularly monitored. Hamanasi’s Energy Plan is being written.

Water Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - All toilets are low-flush and all sinks and showers have aerators to reduce the flow of water. Hamanasi uses biodegradable cleaning supplies. Guest linens and towels are changed every 3 days or upon request. By switching to a higher capacity washing machine Hamanasi has reduced its water consumption. Rainwater is collected to irrigate our gardens, especially in the dry season. Most of the landscaping is native reducing the need for irrigation and minimizing erosion. By maintaining our coastal littoral forest -- one of the most threatened types of forests worldwide due to coastal development – many birds, orchids and other flora and fauna thrive. We minimize the use of pesticides.
In the upcoming year Hamanasi will be installing grey water reuse system. Currently grey water is put through sand and native plant leach fields. Black water is treated in Rotoplast septic systems. Water meters are installed in various locations to better monitor water usage. We use biodegradable cleaning supplies.

Disposal Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Hamanasi has a comprehensive waste management system in place and continually aims to improve it. Our first goal is to minimize our generation of waste by reducing consumption. Virtually no plastic bags are used. The use of Styrofoam boxes and coffee cups for takeout food has been completely eliminated. Items are purchased in bulk whenever possible to reduce packaging waste. Shampoo, conditioner and lotion are purchased in bulk and poured into reusable containers in guest rooms. Locally made organic soap is purchased without packaging and in a smaller guest size to minimize waste. Drinkable water is dispensed in refillable 5-gallon water bottles. Local produce is purchased to eliminate packaging. Measured cleaning product dispensers are used to prevent overuse of cleansers.
As many items as possible are reused. For example, used water bottles are turned into ice packs for coolers, food containers are washed and reused, plants used in vases and pineapple stalks are replanted in our garden. Durable plates, cups and cutlery are used in packed meals. Damaged/stained towels and linens are used for rags or staff use. Some donated to local community.
We recycle much of our waste. All waste products are sorted in labelled garbage cans throughout the resort. All fruits and vegetables scraps are composted and then added to our gardens. Glass is either returned for rebottling or crushed and mixed in concrete. Both sides of office paper are used and print cartridges refilled. Metal cans are crushed and recycled or mixed in concrete. A local recycler collects the remainder of our waste for reuse and further compost. Cleaning product bottles are returned to the manufacturer wherever possible.
Guests are informed of our activities through out guest booklets and bulletin board. Staff receive ongoing training and information regarding our waste management systems. Hamanasi’s Green Team posts updated information.

Eco-Active Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Hamanasi is actively involved with Rainforest Alliance to incorporate Best Management Practices and attain Green Globe certification. We participated in an Environmental Walk-through project supported by Conservation International and the Belize Tourism Board using the Caribbean Association of Sustainable Tourism (CAST) methodology. Hamanasi’s Green Team outlines our green initiatives and actively seeks to implement them. Our eco mission statement and goals are displayed throughout staff areas. Staff receive ongoing training regarding eco matters. We have a guest bulletin board outlining our eco-initiatives and activities of interest in the local community. Our in-room guest booklet and website contain our sustainability information.
We have systematically been updating to energy efficient appliances and engines. We have switched to compact fluorescent bulbs and reduced our overall energy usage. Cleaning products are environmentally friendly.
Hamanasi is actively involved in the local community. Our Education Fund supplements the school fees of 10-15 students each year. Additionally, our Backpack to School project provides backpacks with school supplies, many of which are donated by guests, to students in surrounding villages. We provide financial and in-kind support to Equity House, a local health clinic. We support community veterinary clinics and the local Humane Society, as well as a local youth group. Each year we sponsors beach clean-ups and involve local kids. Area Garifuna dance groups regularly perform at Hamanasi. We purchase many arts and crafts from Belizean artisans for hotel decoration and sale in our gift shop. Many towels, linens, robes, clothing and other hotel supplies are “retired” to staff and the community. Hamanasi has assisted with financial, clothing, supplies and food aid during emergency situations.

Protection Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - Hamanasi believes in responsible, nature and cultural based eco-tourism. We understand the importance of preserving our environment and indigenous communities. Hamanasi is committed to protecting our ecosystems and their biodiversity by taking continual steps to be more environmentally friendly and aware. We actively encourage all employees and visitors to participate in these endeavours. We believe that together, we can make a difference.
When building we kept as many trees as possible, preserving our coastal littoral forest and most beach vegetation. We encourage guests to enjoy our environment in a very natural state. Almost all of our tours are to national parks, archaeological sites, or local villages. Guests are encouraged to actively learn about and enjoy Belize’s natural and cultural attributes, especially interacting with staff and other village residents.
We strongly believe that the key to Hamanasi’s success and Belize’s protection is education and employment of its people. 99% of our staff and management are Belizean, most of who are from the surrounding villages. All staff participate in regular customer service, sustainability, safety/first-aid and departmental specific training. We pay above average wages and conduct annual staff reviews. We pay into the social security system.
- We support financially and in-kind education support of local youths.
- We provide dive training to villagers.
- Each year we participate in work-study programs for area schools.
- Hamanasi purchases almost all of its supplies locally including food, boats, furniture, decorations, etc. Our business encourages the growth and viability of local businesses.
- We plant native plants in our gardens and label many of them.
- We are members of industry and environmental groups
- We provide guests with information regarding our eco initiatives and suggestions how they can participate (purchase local crafts, minimize energy usage, reuse linens, respect nature, etc.)
- We conduct bird and fish identification courses.

Contact Details

Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort
Hopkins Village,
P.O. Box 265,
Dangriga, Stann Creek,
Belize: 501-520-7073,
US Toll Free 1-877-552-3483
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