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On the remote and magnificent island of Kadavu, Matava Eco Adventure Resort boasts secluded tranquility whilst also satisfying a visitors spirit of adventure. Bordered by the Great Astrolabe Reef and set amidst lush tropical surroundings, Matava is a small and intimate getaway.

Matava is designed to blend with its natural environment. Traditional thatched Fijian bures nestled in the rainforest accommodate up to 22 guests and offer privacy, comfort and superb ocean views.

As a PADI certified resort and only a stone's throw away from the Great Astrolabe Reef, Matava offers the perfect environment to scuba dive in Fiji , snorkel, surf , fish, kayak with opportunities to trek, visit villages , bird watch or simply relax and unwind.

Matava is a genuine eco-hideaway, designed to have minimal impact on the environment and to promote conservation awareness with the local community and visitors.

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Overall Rating: ★★★★★ (5)

Energy Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Solar Hot Water: All new-build accommodation is supplied with hot water derived from solar energy. As each of the older style bures are replaced with a new-build Oceanview bure, a solar hot water system is installed. The entire resort should be running on solar heated hot water by the end of 2008. Solar Power: All lighting in the Oceanview accommodation and the main bure is solar powered. The resort office also derives all its power from solar energy.

The resort does not operate any main generators, only a small emergency back-up generator for the office should the need arise.

Water Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Water: The primary reason for the location of Matava Resort is the abundance of natural spring water. During the drought of 2003, it was one of only two locations on the South of Kadavu island that still had a water supply.

The water is naturally filtered through the limestone and is of excellent quality. Nevertheless, rainwater is still collected at certain locations and used to supply the organic garden and suppliment the supply to some of the Oceanview bures. Organic Farm: We minimise the need to import vegetables with associated transportation carbon emissions by maintaining a large organic garden in the resort grounds. In addition, we supply local village farmers with seeds and then purchase the fruit and vegetables from them. Many fruit trees such as banana and papaya are scattered throught the grounds.

Disposal Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - All rubbish is sorted. Food waste is fed to local pigs. We compost as much waste as possible for the organic farm. Plastic and glass bottles are recycled, as are aluminium cans. Batteries and empty aerosol cans are impossible for us to dispose of and we request that guests take these with them to their home country where suitable methods of disposal are available.

Eco-Active Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Each bure contains an information pack which includes advice on how guests can avoid damaging coral and marine life. The main bure has an extensive reference and information folder on coral reefs and their asociated marine life. Matava Resort is supporting the efforts of local community school Govourners to have the Fiji national curriculum include a class on marine and terrestrial conservation and sustainable resource management.

The new class is expected to begin trialling in all Kadavu Island schools from early January 2008. If it is deemed successful, it will roll out over the whole country and become part of the National Curriculum.

Protection Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - Matava's Responsible Tourism Code of Conduct: Matava's dedication to Responsible Tourism is the driving force behind our Environmental Policy. Far from being an abstract ideal for us, Responsible Tourism shapes all our major decisions - from the concept that 'Small Groups Leave Fewer Footprints' to the choice of contractors and suppliers.

Fiji's First AAA GREEN STAR Accreditation has been awarded to Matava.

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PO Box 63
Fiji Islands
+679 333 6222
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I'm only working to save for my next trip to Matav, Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Written by Cherie

Overall rating
Overall Experience
Where do I start. My husband (non diver/fisherman) and I met and married in Fiji in 99/2000 and have come back to Fiji over 20 times. We’ve been to most regions and love it. We came across Matava 4 years ago when recommended during one of our other trips. I did communicate with the staff via email for sometime prior to our first visit just to get a good understanding of what to expect, heat, mosquitos etc. The communication was fantastic and my expectations were set for a hot humid stay with the potential of assorted wet season bugs. With this knowledge in hand we chose Xmas/New Year as our first trip (wet season).
From the minute we landed at Vunisea’s quaint airport we knew we were in for something different. We loved the ride from the airport in the old truck with a few stops to get supplies before meeting our transfer boat. The 40 minute trip from Vunisea to Matava is absolutely mind blowing and after 4 return visits to Matava I still can’t get sick of travelling around in these transfer boats. Rain or shine.
Upon arriving on my first visit I was a little disappointed that there was not the traditional golden bar of sand out the front, but that disappointment faded within about 5 mins. Matava is primarily a dive resort however, there is so much to do, including some great snorkeling at the reef right in front of the resort,which incidentally is a marine park thanks to the resorts owners agreement with the local villages, bush walks, guided canoe trips, surfing, game fishing, just hanging out on the deck, having fun with the staff or just chilling on your stunning deck with a good book/ipod whatever.
Our stays have generally been 2 week visits at Easter or Xmas/New Year (so we can have more time off work to spend at Matava) and there are lots of fun festivities to be had with the guests, staff and villagers. Last Xmas/New Years was the absolute best. Our stay was initially 2 weeks, we extended to 3 then extended to a 4th and final week (reality – need to get home to start saving for the next trip). I would have thought that after 4 weeks we may have got a little tired of the best diving I’ve ever experienced. I hooked up with some great dive buddies and seriously, for 3 weeks straight (in the wet season) our chant after surfacing was “that was the best dive ever!”. I managed to pack in 40 dives this trip and could have still done some more, but I’m also a fan of the game fishing.
Bite Me, the 31ft Blackwatch is a fantastic boat completely equipped with all you need for a great day’s fishing. Adrian and Joe are just fantastic and I’m sure they enjoy it just as much as the punters who head out past the reef for some deep sea fun! I’ve been lucky enough to get some Fiji National Records which always puts a smile on everyone’s face. I’ve shared charters with non-fisherpeople who’ve always had a fantastic day and come back for more. I recommend always take plenty of sunblock, shades, a hat and a sarong to cover up when it gets a bit hot.
During the 4 trips to Matava we’ve chosen to try all the accommodation. We love it all. From the budget oceanview bure right on the water’s edge (very traditional) to the medium budget with own bathroom, to the awesome Honeymoon Bure’s on the top of the hill. We loved the deck at the Honeymoon Bure and the fact that you can keep the bathroom door open, stand in your shower and enjoy the most wonderful view of all.
I could continue to go on and on more than I already have however, I would like to list a few points which make us keep coming back:
1.Remoteness – means that guests who travel here are doing so for like minded reasons
2.Great Company – we’ve hardly met a guest we didn’t have great fun with
3.Awesome diving, you name it (apart from wrecks) they have it, drift, no drift, deep, not deep, big fish, little critters, manta’s, sharks, day/night. The local dive team really know their stuff
4.Game fishing, activities, chillin (from someone who usually can’t sit still for 5 mins)
5.Staff – Maggie and the team just do everything they can to make your trip the best – they truly make you feel like one of the family (not a cliché in this instance)
6.Food – and lots of it! Fresh, diverse, GREAT deserts (and I’m NOT a desert person) and cold beer
7.The new Bure – we loved the character of the old bure but the new one is something else
8.The Deck – a great place for those cold beers and stories at sunset, before dinner, and for just chillin
9.The most amazing blues and beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen – I will NEVER get sick of those waters

I SOOOO wish I was back there right now.... I miss these guys...
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