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Financial Times

FT REPORT - RESPONSIBLE TRAVELLER 2008: Eco-hotels thin on the ground
By Jill James
Published: Apr 21, 2008

There are plenty of hotels scattered around the world that are anxious to shout their green credentials. Alas, for the business traveller there are painfully few to choose from.

When faced with business in Rotterdam or Beijing, green choices are extremely limited. The travel press bombards us with information on eco-friendly hotels and spas, but the chances of finding one in a business centre, rather than on the edge of a rain forest or in some exotic, palm-fringed resort, are almost nil.

As Alex Conti, editor of Eco Hotels of the World, says: "Choosing an eco-friendly hotel is absolutely fine if you want to see turtles hatching, but if you're trying to find one in a business location it is another matter."

Part of the problem is that city centre hotels are often planned and built by developers. Hotel operators come into the process much later * usually after planning approval * and by then it is too late to have real input on green specifications and technology. Short-termism is another factor - today's cheapest option is probably not the long-term green one, and by tomorrow, financial directors and managers have moved on.

Mr Conti reckons business travellers who want an environmentally sound hotel face two problems: first their choice of hotel may be imposed by their company; second, even if they are allowed to choose, finding one near an airport or city centre is no easy matter.

Mr Conti admits that his organisation has few business options but is working hard to put that right.

So just how does one choose * and what is * an environmentally friendly hotel?

Eco Hotels of the World has a rating system that highlights eco-friendly policies. These include: as much recycling as possible * everything from batteries to food waste * perhaps even using a sewerage system to irrigate a garden; using low-energy lights; taking part in local conservation programmes; using organic and Fair Trade ingredients; using food from local producers and planting only local plants; minimising water usage and systematic replacement of appliances and fixtures for more environmentally friendly items (

Business travellers can also help the environment by taking their green routines on the road. In a survey commissioned by Element Hotels, an extended-stay brand from Starwood, one of the world's largest hotel and leisure companies, nearly 60 per cent of frequent travellers admit dropping their green routines while travelling.

While 70 per cent agree that they try to conserve water "as much as possible" at home, only 18 per cent do the same in a hotel. And 63 per cent admit to being more likely to leave a light on when they leave a hotel room than at home.

Starwood has been working with the Carbon Trust to determine ways to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Like most businesses it has come to the conclusion that saving energy also means saving money.

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts has used energy-saving measures for a long time. All front desk computers at its North American properties run on wind power bought from a sustainable energy co-operative.

But even though energy and the environment are hot topics only seven hotels are registered under the US Green Building Council's rating system for commercial buildings.

So while the trend towards greener hotels and environmental initiatives is certainly gaining ground in the accommodation industry there is a long way to go in terms of building a new generation of green hotels.

Sleep easy

The Orchid, Mumbai

A rarity in Asia, this eco-friendly five-star hotel is surrounded by lush gardens next to the domestic airport. It has great views over the city from the rooftop pool and restaurant. Although it looks like just another airport hotel, the Orchid was built using sustainable materials and designed to require minimal heating, lighting and electricity. But you still get every conceivable five-star luxury for your money. There's a 24-hour coffee shop, a bar and nightclub and an wide selection of restaurants.

Nice eco touch: Reed slippers and cotton robes.

Contact: 70-C, Nehru Road, Vile Parle (E), Mumbai 400099. Tel: 022-26164040. Fairmont Hotel, Vancouver With the 2010 Winter Olympics on the horizon this will be a very popular choice for leisure and business users who want to be seen to be green. The hotel's Green Partnership Program has improved waste reduction, recycling, hazardous waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, and green purchasing.

Nice eco touch: Its recycled organic waste is turned into potting soil to nourish the hotel's flowerbeds.

Contact: 900 West Georgia St, Vancouver - +1 604 684 3131. The Howard, Edinburgh A gold-graded member of the Green Tourism Business Scheme, this five-star hotel shows that penny pinching is not the only way to be green. The hotel recycles as much as it can. It works at reducing energy consumption and believes hotelkeepers should take the initiative and learn to specify their eco needs rather than rely on suppliers.

Nice eco touch: It encourages biodiversity in its garden, through bird boxes, feeders and insect logs.

Contact: 34 Great King Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6QH. Tel: +44 (0) 131 557 3500.

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Serge the Concierge Blog

Greek and Green: the Levendis Estate on a Ionian Island
By Serge the Concierge
Published: Apr 22, 2008

Practice what you preach as they say, one basic way we can change the impact of our travel is picking hotels that act responsibly and might also improve their bottom line as a consequence.

A good place to start is Eco Hotels of the World which provides a guide of the best places they could find.

Their most recent pick is the Levendis Estate which they describe as "a 7-acre organic farm offering eco-chic, family friendly and romantic holidays on the shores of the Greek Ionian island of Ithaca. Perched on a hillside of the northern-most tip of the island, Levendis is a working Estate which has produced organic olive oil for four generations".

The property also produces in organic fashion, almonds, walnuts, figs, pears, apricots, plums and citrus. and has its own vegetable and herb gardens.

The estate added 4 houses to accommodate families.

In Eco-hotels thin on the ground, Jill James (Responsible Traveler, FT, April 21) offers her 3 top picks.

They are The Orchid (Mumbai, India) which details what they call their Envirocontent, Fairmont Hotel (Vancouver, Canada) and The Howard (Edinburgh, Scotland).

Want to add your own undiscovered gems, share with us.

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Tourist Destinations Blog

Eco hotels around the world
By Modern Day Traveler
Published: Apr 22, 2008

The Hotel world is changing and for the first time it finds itself in the impossible position of having to provide comfort and luxury whilst also satisfying the discerning eco-aware customer. You see it had to happen eventually, recent studies suggest that the classic hotel is regarded as a kingdom of wastage where the average visitor abandons its well-crafted ecological habits in favour of a careless "I paid for this" attitude. The average guest would check-in to a hotel and immediately forget to turn lights off when not needed or would leave the tap running or even the TV on when not in the room, all things that at home seemed to be more obvious.

As time has gone by, it seems that the onus has fallen onto the hotels themselves to teach and be more in tune with the environment so that in time the guest attitude would change.

Whilst this is true of the inner city industry, in the same timeframe the world has seen an explosion of eco lodges and hotels carefully placed in the most ecologically interesting places on the planet from mountains to jungles and in these a new breed of traveller is enjoying the beauty of nature in the knowledge that their stay is not impacting on it.

Of course with this new-found interest a whole selection of lists and online guides have appeared to try and show the interested public where these new hotspots of eco-entrepreneurship are located. My favourite at the moment is

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Planet Green

Stay at Green Hotels When You're On the Go
By Collin Dunn
Published: May 9, 2008

When you're on the go, traveling for work or play, it's not always easy to find accommodations that match up with the green ideals you live by at home. Happily, there are an increasing number of resources available to help you stay green wherever you travel.

First off, what makes a green hotel? As with green homes, there are myriad ways to go green, from energy efficiency upgrades, like using compact fluorescent light bulbs, to health-related green improvements, like switching to green cleaners or using low- or no-VOC paints and furnishings, to systems improvements, like LEED or Energy Star-ratings for the entire building.

A good green hotel will mix many of these; as your home away from home, hotels can engage in many of the same actions you do at home in each room. In the bathroom, for example, they can use amenities like low-flow showerheads, give you the option to not wash your towel every day, offer eco-friendly shampoos and soaps, and clean it with green cleaners every day. They can serve local and organic food in the restaurant downstairs, use furniture that doesn't contain PBDEs and other icky chemicals, and put motion sensors on the lights so the lights don't get left on all day when they don't have to be.

How to find green hotels With those basic ideas in mind, how do you find places that engage in such practices? Thankfully, there are a growing number of resources that offer lists of greener hotels, along with their own definitions for what makes a place "green," and even ratings for those places to help you pick based on what green considerations are more important to you.

Green Hotels Association is a member-based organization that includes hotels in the majority of U.S. states, Canadian provinces, and a few in Mexico, the Carribean, South America, Europe and more. They don't list each hotels' individual green offerings, though membership requires that green actions be in place.

Green Hotel Reviews does exactly what it's name suggests: reviews green hotels, both for a given hotel's general accommodations and for their green efforts, whether that includes LEED or Energy Star-certification or membership in the Green Hotel Association. They don't have every green hotel under the sun, but the site provides useful contextual information about what's out there, and how to look for it.

Environmentally Friendly Hotels incorporates some fun online community features into their site, allowing users to submit and review various green hotels based on their experiences and relative green accomplishments. The site also uses a hotel rating system that scores individual hotels on their green efforts. Using "green trees" rather than "gold stars" or some other scoring mark, hotels can be rated on everything from using of alternative energy to donating to charity to greywater recycling and more. You can also use the site to search for a green hotel wherever you're heading.

New to the game is Eco Hotels of the World, which offers an amalgamation of many of the services mentioned above. They have a green rating system (using stars, rather than trees), offer an Editor's Pick to showcase a great example of a green hotel, and offer the opportunity to search by "green stars" and location. Though they've only been online for about six months, they already have listings on six of the seven continents (sorry, Antarctica).

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Intelligent Travel from National Geographic Traveler

Find Your Own Eco Hotel
By Janelle Nanos
Published: May 22, 2008

We're always on the hunt for new and interesting environmentally friendly hotels (you can see some of our recent finds here and here). So we were excited to learn about a new website that's begun listing some of the best. The aptly-named Eco Hotels of the World has a write-ups of more than 75 "green" properties; their mission is to help people "enjoy [your] next holiday knowing that you are one of the good guys!" We think of ourselves as good guys, so we were happy to have a look.

Click through the site's handy map to navigate the options: For example, you can crash at the Bushy Point Fernbirds Homestay in New Zealand, a two-bedroom B&B located on a privately-owned nature reserve that uses recycled rainwater and is completely carbon neutral. Or perhaps you'd rather venture to the village of Ulpotha, a Sri Lankan pilgrimage site and yoga retreat that has us longing to do some downward dogs. They don't use electricity (only lamp oil and a bit of kerosene), offer yoga classes twice daily, and as the listing says: "The villagers that run Ulpotha do not need to know the meaning of the word eco as their lives are inherently ecologically sound."

The site has a five-star rating system, and asks that hotels fill out a questionnaire about their sustainable practices. Not surprisingly, a majority of the hotels give themselves a five-star rating on nearly every count, but it's good to know that the hotels are heavily vetted by the site's editors (and many of them are also on our Stay List). Eco Hotels' editor, Alex Conti, tells us that they're still growing in terms of listings, but we think it could become a great resource for someone looking to be "one of the good guys."

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Ecoturismo, un sito utile
By Valentina M.
Published: May 27, 2008

Molte sono le dritte e le fonti per organizzare un viaggio all’insegna del turismo responsabile. Se è vero che l’ecoturismo è sempre più di moda, è interessante l’idea di un sito come questo che raccoglie le esperienze alberghiere di turismo eco-compatibile presenti nel mondo.

Eco hotels, tutto in inglese, è sostanzialmente una raccolta di alberghi dove i redattori assegnano punteggi di compatibilità ambientale in base alle soluzioni adottate per l’energia, i rifiuti, l’acqua etc. fondando l’analisi su un questionario che la struttura deve compilare. In Italia per il momento sono presenti due alberghi, una in prossimità dell’Etna, per una vacanza tutta siciliana e l’altro ad Urbino, che totalizza il massimo di punteggio con 5 ecostelle!

Ecoturismo sotto la lente, un sito inglese aiuta a scegliere
By Zuppello Maria
Published: June 6, 2008

Nel 2006 l’ecoturismo in Italia ha contato un fatturato di oltre 9 miliardi di euro. Un business in crescita che significa da un lato viaggiare in modo responsabile rispettando la natura ma dall’altro anche una crescita di infrastrutture in grado di garantire vacanze all’insegna dell’ambiente. Come muoversi però e soprattutto come fare a non perdersi e possibilmente a scegliere il meglio?

Un sito britannico è diventato un punto di riferimento per i viaggiatori di tutto il mondo. Ecohotels, infatti, è una vera e propria e-zine che seleziona le proposte più interessanti in base alle soluzioni adottate per l’energia, i rifiuti, l’acqua. I criteri di recensione degli alberghi sono rigorosissimi e si accompagnano ad un dettagliato questionario che viene inviato alle strutture di ricezione che ha lo scopo appunto di verificare se l’ambiente nelle sue declinazione sia o meno la priorità per quell’hotel.

L’Italia per il momento è stata recensita solo con due alberghi. Il primo si trova in Sicilia, non lontano dall’Etna. Non solo, avvisano i redattori del sito, si dorme in un palazzo dell’800 ospitati dai Baroni Coffari di Gilferraro ma la struttura si è meritata un bel 3 stelle per quanto riguarda l’energia solare e 5 per l’acqua, priva di pesticidi e fertilizzanti La seconda struttura italiana schedata è la Locanda della Valle Nuova nei pressi di Urbino le cui stanze vengono decantate per essere isolate termicamente e acusticamente. Ma la locanda viene anche elogiata per le sue stalle che permettono ai turisti appassionati di equitazione di custodire lì il proprio cavallo.

All’estero invece il palmarès per rispetto dell’ambiente ma anche, aggiungiamo noi, per originalità va all’Iglu-Dorf isponibile in 4 località della Svizzera e in una della Germania. Si tratta di veri e propri igloo dove spesso, quando scende la notte, si resta a lume di candela. Altra curiosità. Le strutture mettono a disposizione corsi di scultura con il ghiaccio. Chi vuole può imparare, così, anche a fabbricarsi il proprio igloo.

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Ecoturismo, dalla Gran Bretagna una guida on line per gli Eco Hotels
By Silvia.
Published: June 8, 2008

Ecoturisti fai da te? Si può. Ma se si è in cerca di un consiglio si può andare a visitare il sito Eco Hotels. Si tratta di un portale britannico che fornisce una recensione ambientale (gratuita) delle strutture ricettive nel mondo.

Ogni hotel è classificato in stelle (da una a cinque), proprio come accade per i nostri. Questo rating però non indica solo la qualità ricettiva della struttura ma anche la sua sostenibilità ambientale. Il sito prende in considerazione cinque i parametri quali il consumo di energia, di acqua, il sistema di smaltimento dei rifiuti, la tutela ambientale e le azioni messe in atto per diffondere una cultura ecosostenibile.

Ad esempio si prende in considerazione se la struttura aderisce a un qualche programma istituzionale e non di tutela dell’ambiente circostante, se ci sono dei corsi di sensibilizzazione ambientale per lo staff, ecc. I redattori del sito garantiscono che ogni struttura è stata personalmente visitata!

Cliccando su ogni hotel si apre una scheda dove la struttura è descritta e si spiega il perché siano state conferite le stelle verdi. I lettori possono partecipare alle recensioni inserendo i loro commenti e inviando segnalazioni riguardo ad altri alberghi da loro visitati.

Sulla home page si può trovare una cartina del mondo con una serie di stelle verdi. Cliccando sull’area dell’Italia escono fuori due strutture: l’Etna Lodge e la Locanda della Valle Nuova.

L’Etna Lodge è in Sicilia e vanta tre stelle verdi, dovute soprattutto alla partecipazione dell’hotel a programmi e corsi e alla gestione dell’acqua. La Locanda della Valle Nuova si trova invece nelle Marche. Non si tratta solo di una struttura ricettiva ma anche di un’azienda che coltiva con il metodo biologico ben 75 ettari di terra ed alleva vari tipi di animali. Eco Hotel ha conferito a questa locanda ben cinque stelle verdi. L’hotel ha infatti raggiunto il massimo punteggio in quasi tutti i settori come quello dell’energia, del consumo di acqua e dei rifiuti.

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The Alternative Consumer

eco hotels of the world
By rd.
Published: July 9, 2008

Though the energy crunch is getting everyone down, I presume there are still some intrepid travelers looking for eco-friendly, green vacation destinations. Eco Hotels of the World has developed a five-star rating system for hotels and destinations that rates properties on their eco-friendly quotient. The free on-line guide is a new, easy to use guide to eco-friendly lodging worldwide. If you run an eco-friendly hotel, b&b, or property get yourself in their database.

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Traveling the Green Way

Looking for a Green Hotel: Check out ‘Eco Hotels of the World’
By Liz Lewis.
Published: July 29, 2008

Eco Hotels of the World is an easy to navigate independent guide to some of the world’s greenest hotels.

Listed hotels are given a green star rating based how they score in each of these five categories (Energy, Water, Disposal, Eco-Active, and Protection). The high the number of green stars, the more eco-friendly the hotel.

Hotels are chosen to be listed either by one of writing team or by the hotel itself submitting a request. The hotel then fills in a comprehensive questionaire about their sustainability practices and are vetted by the team for accuracy and authenticity. So that by the time we get to read the review, what’s listed is the real deal.

You can search for hotels either by clicking a location on the google map or by using the search directory. The search directory allows you to enter a list both location and the green star rating required. I spent a little time wandering this eco world, discovering a few places I wouldn’t mind lying my head. For example, the Chateau Mcely Club Hotel & Forest Retreat set in a state forest just outside of Prague, The Orchid surrounded by lush gardens just a hop-skip-and-jump away from Mumbai’s domestic airport, and the At Kw’o:kw’e:hala eco retreat neighboring the Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park and Othello Tunnels of the old Kettle Valley Rail, to name but a few.

Eco Hotels of the World also offers a newsletter and there are plans a Eco Hotels of the World Guidebook in the pipeline.

So far that are over 100 hotels listed, with the majority achieving a 5 green star rating.

Definitely a site worth checking out when looking for a green stay…

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Timeout Online

Website of the Month
By Timeout Singapore
Published: August, 2008

This website prides itself on being a reliable online guide collating information on the very best green hotels, sticking to a simple five ‘green star’ rating system. It is completely independent – hotels do not pay to be included and there is no complicated booking system that skims commissions on reservations made. Now there’s no excuse: plan your holidays with an eco-conscience this season.

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Montreal Gazette

Going green
By Andy Riga
Published: September 16 2008

...Once you find hotels that appear to take the environment seriously, check their websites or call or email to get more details. Those committed to sustainable tourism will be ready to share their environmental, employment and cultural policies.

- Eco Hotels of the World
( is a British directory of more than 100 hotels making an effort to be green. Criteria include energy and water use, recycling and garbage efforts, conservation, incorporating local cultural considerations and investing in the local community. Search by number of "green stars" (based on criteria listed on the site) or by location.

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Hotels Can Help to Save the Planet
By Globenet
Published: October 10 2008

Post a Comment GLOBE-Net (October 10, 2008) Hotels are increasingly turning green across the globe. They’re responding not only to customers who want environmentally-friendly sleeping quarters, but also accountants who see profits in more sustainable properties.

Each year one billion room stays are registered in the United States. The energy cost of each of those rooms is $2,196 annually. One reason is that guests away from home are less likely to conserve resources - they use 218 gallons of water each day, more than three times the national average per capita, according to Mother Jones.

The industry also is expected to shower guests with amenities. The American Automobile Association (AAA), for instance, recommends that hotel inspectors give a higher mark to properties that provide at least "two bottled" items in their bathrooms. This slows down industry incentives to protect the environment.

The same energy expenditure holds true for conferences held in major hotels. The average three-day meeting attended by 1,000 people, according to Marriott International, produces more than 12 tons of trash, uses 200,000 kilowatts of power and consumes 100,000 gallons of water.

To reduce this gluttonous consumption, the Maryland-based chain has introduced "eco-friendly" meeting products. Along with other large hotel companies, meeting rooms now have water service in pitchers rather than plastic bottles. Boxed lunch containers are made of recycled content, including biodegradable forks and knives. It even has signed an agreement with BIC to develop pens made of 75 percent recycled material.

"This is just the beginning of an evolving program that continues to add "green" products and services as they become available," says Bruno Lunghi, Marriott’s vice president for event management.

Sometimes hotels focus on their overall operations. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts partnered with a non-profit organization to purchase enough wind power since 2006 to offset greenhouse gas emissions generated by all of its 837 front desk check-in and corporate office computers across North America. The InterContinental Chicago O’Hare built a green roof covered with a reflective coating that cuts down on cooling costs. Its lighting bills also dropped 40 percent after it installed compact fluorescent light bulbs, dimmable fluorescent bulbs and LED lights on its property.

Since a universally accepted green certification program does not exist for the moment, hotels forge ahead with environmentally-friendly changes on their own. Many turn to the Green Hotels Association to help them move in the right direction. The site helps the hospitality industry gain a green consciousness and provides a catalog of accessories that will reduce hotels’ carbon imprint. For sale are guestroom recycling bins, low-flow spray valves and even printed cards that urge guests to not change their sheets every day.

Too few hotels have earned the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED certification to compare their financial performance against traditional establishments, says Henry Bose, managing director with PKF Capital in San Francisco. On the other hand, large green commercial buildings, those the size of hotels, recorded a 50 percent drop in water use and up to 90 percent less waste once they converted to a green program structure, says Bose. Savings for hotels would likely be larger since they operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As for customers, they increasingly knock on the door for sustainable hotels. TripAdvisor, which oversees a large online travel community, surveyed 3,000 travelers. It found that 34 percent of those living in the United States planned on staying at an environmentally-friendly hotel in 2009 - a four point increase from last year. Many will go to online for advice. A free British-based guide, Eco Hotels of the World, provides them with about 100 properties in places as faraway as Brazil and Tanzania.

The tide for greener hotels seems to have turned in the right direction. The change is taking place as two fronts are moving forward together. On the one hand hotels want to save money in a world of ever-higher energy costs and at the same time travelers want to sleep somewhere without feeling guilty about their carbon imprint. Overtime, the environmental relationship between hotels and customers will grow stronger as the world becomes increasingly aware of the planet’s limited resources.

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Eco Hotels of the World
By Ecozine
Published: October 16 2008

If you are planning a trip abroad, be sure to check out "Eco Hotels of the World", a free online guide created to showcase the most environmentally-friendly hotels in the world. They are currently the most comprehensive independent listing of eco-friendly hotels available.

All the hotels featured have been personally selected by their editors to ensure that they meet the standards required to be considered an eco-friendly hotel. Hotels cannot pay for inclusion nor do we accept commissions on bookings in that way we can stay totally independent and objective. They are always looking for new properties and people to help on their quest. If you feel you can add to their online guide then do contact them:

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New guide to environmentally friendly hotels
By Louise Gray
Published: November 11 2008

The tourism industry has been blamed for environmental degradation around the world as hotels spring up in areas of unspoilt beauty, often displacing local people, disturbing wildlife and pumping effluents into the sea.

However in recent years tourists have tried to step more lightly on the earth by requesting hotels that are more eco-conscious.

Now a comprehensive guide to has been published rating hotels on their green credentials.

Eco Hotels of the World rates 87 green holiday destinations around the globe from one to five green stars.

The information was gathered by sending out questionnaires to each hotel on how they help the local environment, use energy, save water, protect wildlife and get rid of rubbish.

Author Alex Conti said the idea was to finally give people the opportunity to go on holiday without feeling guilty.

Although not all the hotels were visited, he insisted the guide was backed up by allowing readers to post reviews on whether the hotels are as green has they claim to be.

He said: "The book is the culmination of our work collecting and rating green establishments, and has been produced entirely independently without taking money from the listed properties, ensuring complete honesty and impartiality from our reviewers to give the public a genuine appraisal of the venues and their claims and qualities."

The hotels include lodges in Africa that feed left over food to goats, villas in the Seychelles with solar panels and city hotels cutting carbon by switching off the lights. Two hotels in the UK Bedruthan Steps Hotel in Cornwall and The Old Chapel Forge in West Sussex are included in the guide.

Mr Conti said holidaymakers are increasingly choosy about the carbon footprint of the hotel they stay in.

However, Tony Bosworth, transport campaigner at Friends of the Earth, said flights should be the main major consideration when calculating carbon footprint.

He said: "Hotels must do what they can to reduce their impact on the environment – and green guide books can provide important information to help people choose.

"But you cannot really have a green holiday if you have to fly to get there. Hotels and holiday companies must do more to promote holidays closer to home – and get people out of planes and onto high-speed trains."

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Traveling the Green Way

Eco Hotels of the World
By Sonya
Published: November 18 2008

Are you “an idle Eco-warrior, a pale-green Green, wracked with guilt as holidays approach and you’re tempted by a flight to north Africa or a spa treatment in Czechoslovakia”? That’s the question asked by Eco Hotels of the World , a free online guide showcasing the most environmentally-friendly hotels in the world.

The independent, online UK guide has published the book Eco Hotels of the World. In the book, the best eco hotels in the world have been rated from one to five Green Stars. The hotels range from ones in safari parks to tiny islands to beaches in Alaska.

“If you decide to stay in a desert, shower in a bucket and eat your food by the light of a kerosene lamp under the stars, your conscience can be positively crystalline,” says Eco Hotels of the World.

“But if you can’t live without fluffy towels, massage, and proper marmalade, then there is hope even for you. Because the hotel that provides both the towels, and the marmalade, composts the orange-pips, eco-cleans the fluffy towels, and recycles its jamjars.”

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Awereness Magazine

Eco Hotels of the World
By Editor
Published: November 20 2008

This book is fantastic!!! I haven't come across anything like it and want to let everyone know about it...The book is full of amazing places to stay from all over the world with all kinds of interesting information. It has a huge selection of hotels listed with their facilities and most importantly their 'eco-rating'. Such an interesting and inspiring read with lots of illuring photographs.

There's a great introduction to the book with an explanation of the rating system, lots of interesting facts throughout and lots of tips for making responsible choices. A very thorough and well thought out book. And if that's not enough for you then the book itself is 'green'! I.e. the paper and printing is certified and accredited and it's printed in small runs to avoid wastage.

If you're making any travel plans don't do anything until you've seen this book. Even if you aren't thinking about travelling or using a hotel this book is still well worth reading. Highly recommended!

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Ethical Pulse

Eco Hotels of the World
By News Room
Published: November 28 2008

Eco Hotels of the World “Eco Hotels of the World” book launched on Amazon today - guiding all holiday makers to the pleasures of guilt-free responsible travel

From business trips to family holidays, camping to luxury spas, travel is an integral part of today’s society, but with green and environmental issues surrounding responsible travel so much higher on the agenda, what on earth should we do to keep our travel as ethical and sustainable as possible? How can we feel the pleasure of holidaying without the stab of guilt that often accompanies it?

Help is now at hand - from the creators of independently researched and certified website comes their first comprehensive, "greenly" produced book "Eco Hotels of The World" - available online from Amazon from today, 10th November. The guide, printed on FSC sustainable paper and with the carbon footprint offset with Blue Ventures Carbon Offset, proves without a doubt that self-indulgence can co-exist with a clear conscience.

Helping all of us to get away from guilt whatever our holiday or travel pleasure, Eco Hotels of the World lists 87 green holiday venues around the globe, rating them in five individual sections from one to five green stars: Energy, Water, Disposal, Eco-Active and Protection.

"The book is the culmination of our work collecting and rating green establishments, and has been produced entirely independently without taking money from the listed properties, ensuring complete honesty and impartiality from our reviewers to give the public a genuine appraisal of the venues and their claims and qualities," says the book's author Alex Conti.

In the book you will find destinations including safari parks, island dwellings and even beaches in Alaska, and is intended for use by eco-warriors and eco-wonderers alike. Whatever your green credentials, the guide makes being green easy and fun. The book contains 600 full colour images, detailed information, honest reviews and an Eco Tips section.

Website venture started with a handful of volunteers less than a year ago and has proved so successful after widespread online visibility that the book was created.

The reviews are compiled by a team of editors who research the properties and score them using a strict vetting procedure. They also rely upon volunteers feeding back from around the globe on their genuine travels and personal impressions of the eco hotels they have visited.

Timeout says of the website "Now there's no excuse: plan your holidays with an eco-conscience this season," and Panorama has said it is an important "point of reference for travellers all over the world."

The book is available from 10th November at Amazon at the discounted price of £9.20 to coincide with its launch (usual price £13.95).

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Daisy Green

Eco Hotels of the World: Green travel, less guilt
By Nicola Alexander
Published: November 30 2008

I have to admit that I have travelled. And I absolutely loved every single minute. As a child, our family packed a tent, and explored Europe. Magical. As a grown up, I was lucky enough to spend the best part of a year, discovering Australia and parts of Asia with my little brother. The experience changed my life and my brother is still my best friend.

Still, I do wonder about the impact our voyage had on the environment. And now, I am far more careful when we plan any of our trips.

Alex Conti’s new book, Eco Hotels of the World gives an honest account of world travel. It lists 87 green holiday venues around the globe, rating them in five individual sections from one to five green stars relating to: ‘energy, water, disposal, eco-active and protection’.

'The book is the culmination of our work collecting and rating green establishments, and has been produced entirely independently without taking money from the listed properties, ensuring complete honesty and impartiality from our reviewers to give the public a genuine appraisal of the venues and their claims and qualities.'

The reviews are compiled by a team of editors who research the properties and score them using a strict vetting procedure. They also rely upon volunteers feeding back from around the globe on their genuine travels and personal impressions of the eco hotels they have visited. An absolute must for anyone bitten by the travelling bug.

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The Green Familia

Review: Eco Hotels of the World Book by Alex Conti
By Brenda
Published: December 17 2008

I was lucky enough to be sent a review copy of the fab Eco Hotels of the World Book, written by Alex Conti. If you are planning a holiday, whether it be here in the Uk or to far reaching destinations, this really is a must read book.

What is it?
This is a book all about green destinations from all around the world, from the UK to New Zealand and more… It gives you an in depth review of all 87 venues chosen. Printed on FSC sustainable paper, by a printer who adheres to strict environmental standards and it has the carbon footprint offset. Each destination has been awarded a green rating of 1 to 5 stars. Whether you are looking for a luxury or you want to camp out in the desert this book has it all. My kids have had great fun, picking out destinations of where we should be going and also learning a bit more about how it is possible to visit places, but still be eco-aware.

Who is testing it?
Me, Brenda, travel lover who is on a light green journey and is trying to become more eco-friendly in my life choices. With an abundance of choice, that this book offers, there need never be a need now not to choose a greener holiday option next time.

Set Up
The book is well laid out and easy to read. You have your intro, travel tips, then the destinations are all listed under the continents, Eco Lives tit bits, Eco tips and an A-Z Directory.

In Use
It is an incredibly user friendly books with all the info at hand, great colour pics and fab descriptions, which make you just want to dust down your credit card and make a booking.

Any Negatives
No none that I could think about.

Available to buy from Amazon for £9.20.

A great book to have to help you plan your next holiday. You can also get more details off their website


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