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Cascadas Farallas - Waterfall Villas  Hot
Hotels 4 Green Stars
Eco Stars: 4 star
Stars: unrated
Location: Central America
Country: Costa Rica

Cascadas Farallas - Waterfall Villas

The Waterfall Villas is a exclusive luxury accommodation in the boutique tropical Eco-retreat tradition in Bali style. 3 villas are uniquely located at the top of the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls designed using authentic Feng Shui and green sustainability policies, and energy saving architecture, the Waterfall Villas are integrated with the natural surroundings in perfect harmony, interweaving indoor and outdoor spaces for the ultimate experience in tropical style.

The 15 acre property is private, secluded, and totally immersed in nature’s lush evergreen gallery rainforest splendor and magnificinet waterfalls, only 5 minutes from Dominical Beach, easy access from San Jose on paved roads (3 hours)- transfer service.

3 Villas are divided into 2 separate Suites; inter-connected for groups. The 6 Suites each have a separate entrance, and amenities. The Waterfall Villas can accommodate up to 16 persons.

Spa services include detox programs and massage treatments. Meal service is healthy vegetarian, vegan and living raw foods, with a fresh sea food option -as a personalized bistro. Waterfall weddings offered - shamantic ceremonies with exotic flower waterfall altar.

Green Star Rating Results:
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Overall Rating: ★★★★ (4)

Energy Rating: ★ (1)
Staff Comment - We also use solar lighting in gardens and have energy saving appliances even though we do not use the special keys for our rooms we encourage guests to turn off lights when not in use. Balinese tropical architecture used with Wantilan roofs to flow air to lower energy consumption. Only natural fallen wood used. Other materials used are recylcled and fully imperemable Eco materials that do not require any fumigation or other non-eco processing/maintanence saving energy and the environment.

Water Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - Our water usage program is the most significant as we are right next to magnificent watefalls.

Disposal Rating: ★★★★ (4)
Staff Comment - Special waste management system in place and composting for our gardens.

Eco-Active Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - We have our own wildlife reserve on the property. We encourage guests to become carbon Neutral and offer an opportunity to plant an indigenous tree in the reserve. Various eco-tours at reserves close by. We support local conservation groups and have many eco certifications as listed on our website.

Protection Rating: ★★★★★ (5)
Staff Comment - As we hire only local staff from nearby villages, we have an extensive education program for staff. All of our food preparations are organic and we support local organic farmers as well as own our own organic farm. We do have written protection activities available to all staff and also for guests. Guests are given a list of local business and awareness points are in writing in each room.

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Cascadas Farallas - Waterfall Villas
1 kilometer south of Reptilandia camino San Isidro
Costa Rica
+506 8882 7717
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